Introduction to Cygna Protector For Active Directory

Product Overview

Cygna Protector for Active Directory provides real-time protection and automated policy enforcement for Active Directory. It locks down the critical parts of your Active Directory and protects them against unauthorized changes and deletions—even by a user with native access.

Even users and administrators who are authorized to make changes to critical objects and GPOs in the AD must follow strict policies designed to protect critical objects and GPOs from tampering and accidents. Only Cygna Protector allows you to automate the protection of your AD, with easily created policies and real-time alerts.

Features of Protector For Active Directory

  • Streamlined policy creation and implementation
  • Automated volume-based and object-based change control to protect against the deletion of large numbers of objects or entire OUs
  • Real-time monitoring and control of mass updates
  • Real-time alerts of unauthorized changes, set up any way you need them, to ensure that you’re made aware of unauthorized changes in time to prevent harm
  • Detailed policies that protect your critical AD objects from unauthorized changes

About Real-time Protection Policies

Protector for Active Directory is designed to provide real-time alerting for changes made to Active Directory objects. Additionally, it can provide a mechanism to prevent modifications to critical objects from occurring. Real-time protection policies gather information when an action occurs on the selected objects. Using real-time protection policies, you can monitor activities on objects and ensure that the changes are not committed to the Active Directory database.

Note: It can take up to 15 minutes for changes to be detected and implemented. Computer and user objects can only be protected from deletion but you can create alerts for creation, deletion, and modifications.

Packages I Need to Use This Feature



License Required?


The Server/Console module provides fundamental setup features such as deploying agents; configuring e-mail accounts; and creating schedules to associate with collectors, policies, and auditing.


Cygna Auditor for Active Directory

The Auditor tracks changes to Active Directory and Group Policy objects.

Each audit event includes who, what, where, and when for all changes. It also includes before and after values for all attributes.

The Audit Viewer, built-in audits, and creating collector policies are key features provided by the Auditor module.


Protector for Active Directory

Protector for AD locks down critical parts of Active Directory and protects them against unauthorized changes and deletions.