Introduction to Cygna Event Vault for Windows

Product Overview

Centralized collection and management of all event log data.

Managing Windows event log entries used to be difficult. The distributed nature of event logs made searching and securing entries tedious and frustrating. But, operations, risk management, and security teams need that information in order to do their jobs. Event Vault for Windows automates and streamlines the collection and management of standard Windows event logs and provides scalable and flexible centralized storage in the SQL Server database.

Event Viewer provides customizable views, filtering, sorting, and exporting options for all captured events. As with other Auditor modules, all tasks are handled in the familiar Auditor.

Features of Event Vault

  • Agent-less collection and consolidation of Windows events
  • Flexible computer targeting, filtering and scheduling policies
  • Straightforward data navigation
  • Real-time customizable data views
  • Customizable reporting from a single console
  • Fast and fully indexed archive searching
  • Encrypted and compressed log data transport
  • Single centralized view and management of all log data
  • Extensive library of security and compliance reports
  • Intuitive wizards for custom views and reports