Introduction to Privilege Explorer for File System

Cygna Privilege Explorer for File System enables a centralized view of access privileges, so administrators easily know who has access to which resources and where users have access in the environment.

Product Overview

Understanding who has access to Active Directory (AD) and Windows File System resources is critical to any security or compliance initiative. Privilege Explorer automates the process of security analysis and reporting, providing a scalable and cost-effective way to manage network resources across the enterprise.

Privilege Explorer offers a centralized view of enterprise access, ensuring that the right people have access to the right resources, which will minimize data theft, security breaches, or system attacks.

Features of Privilege Explorer for File System

  • Central database for all file system resources enterprise wide
  • Extensive library of security and compliance reports
  • Live and historical privilege tracking and reporting
  • Interactive analysis of enterprise file security
  • Intuitive wizards for custom access views and reports
  • Scheduled access delivery to data owners and administrators
  • Plain English filtering, searching and reporting
  • Single-click forensics into group membership changes that affect access
  • Seamless Integration with the Privilege Explorer for File System for audit history of all permission changes