Introduction to Cygna Auditor for SQL Server

Product Overview

A single change can put your critical applications and data at risk, affecting productivity, risking security breaches, and threatening non-compliance. Built-in SQL Server auditing capabilities are cumbersome, cryptic, and lack centralized auditing and reporting. Careful analysis of distributed logs requires enormous resources and still fails to paint the entire picture of SQL activity. Cygna Auditor for SQL Server brings a new level of centralized control and ease to SQL Server auditing and compliance. This powerful solution monitors all SQL Server activity in real time, tracking the who, what, where, and when information for every change.

Cygna Auditor for SQL Server Features

  • Real-time monitoring of SQL Server environments, including changes to server configurations, security, databases, etc.
  • A central audit database for reporting and alerting against all change activity
  • An extensive library of security and compliance reports
  • Intuitive wizards for custom views and reports
  • Provides the originating IP address for each change
  • Intelligent auditing that displays a single entry for every event
  • Filtering, searching and reporting at the attribute level
  • Audit event analytics for every object
  • Single-click access to the change log of every SQL Server change event
  • Does not require native event configuration or event logs
  • Seamless integration with the full suite of Auditor products