PowerBroker Management Suite Connection

Cygna Auditor provides an option to feed data collected by Cygna Auditing & Security Suite (former PowerBroker Management Suite) to Cygna Auditor and make it available for auditing search and reports.

Before you start:

Ensure data collection is configured in Cygna Auditing & Security Suite.

To configure connection:

  1. Navigate to Configuration / PowerBroker Management Suite.
  2. Specify connection details:



SQL Server instance name

Provide the name of the instance where Cygna Auditing & Security Suite stores collected data.

Authentication method

Choose Windows or SQL authentication to connect to the database.

Account, password

Provide credentials. The account you specify must have sufficient permissions to access data.

Initial catalog

Specify the PBMS database.

Connection timeout, retry period

Update values if necessary.

Verify connection string

Make sure to verify connection.

Once configured, Cygna Auditor will be able to access data collected by PBMS and show it in Auditing search, reports, etc.

Note: For more information about Cygna Auditing & Security Suite (former PowerBroker Management Suite), including system requirements, installation procedures, and configuration steps, please refer to CA&SS documentation.