Recycle Bin for Active Directory

Cygna Auditor enables you to restore Active Directory objects such as deleted AD users or groups. Empowered with this feature, you can not only detect security issues but also fix them in a fraction of second.

If you are looking for a way to roll back changes, see Rollback for Active Directory.

To add events to rollback queue:

  1. Navigate to Tools / Recycle Bin for Active Directory, select a domain.
  2. Review deleted objects. By default, Cygna Auditor lists objects for the last 7 days. Update this value if necessary.
  3. Select a entry you want to recover.
  4. On the Recovery Target step, review changes, old and new values, etc.
  5. On the Snapshot Selection step, pick a snapshot. Cygna Auditor will restore the object to the state it was at the moment of the snapshot creation. You can use the most recent snapshot or a snapshot taken on a certain date.
  6. Review Summary and click Recover. You've got an option to recover an object as a currently logged in user or impersonate as administrator. In this case, you'll be prompted to provide administrative credentials.