Global Reports

Each organization is unique and has specific needs and metrics to track that cannot be covered by build-in reports. Looking beyond the compliance reports specific to the audited system, Cygna Auditor enables you to create custom cross-system reports based on Global Search.

Leveraging flexible filters of Global Search, Global reports can be a great tool for internal auditors and security officers who need to analyze activity patterns and detect threats across the entire environment. Unlike one-off searches constructed from scratch every time, custom reports are preserved in Cygna Auditor so that you and your colleagues can use them later.

You can convert your search into a report right on the Global Search page or go to Home / Global Reporting / Reports and click Create to set up a new report.

For your convenience, Global Reports are featuring the same search techniques and data presentation as Global Search. If you are not familiar with these search techniques, refer to Global Search for more information.

QUICK TIP: Seeing results just for one module or no search results at all? You are missing required permissions. Discuss your permission set with Cygna Auditor's global administrator.