Take advantage of alert notifications to ensure your response team never misses a security incident and keeps tabs on the most critical pieces of your business infrastructure such as changes to Azure AD admin rights or activity in folders containing personal or card payment data.

Depending on your company change control policies and revision routines, it can take days to discover an issue using the Search or Reports functionality. Sent directly to email or as SMS, alerts warn your authorized personnel about a possible threat once the triggering action occurs and is processed by the product.

Cygna Auditor flexible configuration enables you to tailor alerts to your organization's specific needs and be notified on changes that matter to you the most while reviewing less important changes in due course. To learn more about alert configuration, go to Creating Alerts.

QUICK TIP: Don't have access to alerts? You are missing required permissions. Discuss your permission set with Cygna Auditor's global administrator.

Note: To be able to send alert notifications, configure SMTP settings. On the product home page, navigate to System Configuration / System and complete the fields. For more information, see Notifications.