Global Search

Get the data at your fingertips with Global Search—review activity from all sources in one place, identify rogue users, and detect potential threats throughout your environment. Security analysis is much easier when you are not limited to a certain source and see a bigger picture.

To review activity in your environment and start creating data searches, go to Home / Global Reporting / Search. You will see all changes right away. Then, you can narrow down your search to what bothers you the most. Creating a search query is as easy as asking yourself a question. Cygna Auditor will find the matching records in its audit database and show them on the screen on the fly. If you like the search you created, you can save it as a report to use it later.

QUICK TIP: Seeing results just for one source or no search results at all? You are missing required permissions. Discuss your permission set with Cygna Auditor's global administrator.

Learn about interpreting search results here: Reading Records in Global Search.

The Global Search is versatile and in most cases there are multiple ways to get the data you are looking for. Depending on the task you want to accomplish, use one of the following search techniques:

Looking for Global Search tutorial featuring step-by-step instructions, detailed screenshots, and real-life examples? Go to Tutorial: Mastering the Global Search.

You can use these techniques interchangeably or supplementing each other. A good idea is to start with all changes on the screen and then drill-down to more specific events.