Cygna Auditor is shipped with system-specific reports that can help you pass compliance audits (PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, etc.) as well answer most everyday security administration questions such as "were there any changes to security groups?" or "what users got their passwords reset?". You can browse the reports list and read report descriptions, or filter reports by tags. Cygna Auditor allows you to run built-in reports out of the box since they do not require any modifications. Just schedule regular reviews with your security response team and keep track of activity and changes in your business critical systems.

To reduce the attack surface specific to your organization, create custom reports based on search. Unlike one-off searches you construct from scratch every time, custom reports are preserved in Cygna Auditor so that you and your colleagues can use them later. For your custom reports, you can add tags and set privacy settings making the reports public or invisible to others.

Learn more about Generating Reports. For your convenience, Cygna Auditor presents report results in the same format as search. To understand how to interpret results correctly, refer to Reading Search Results.



Running built-in reports designed for your audit source

Home / your source / Reports / Reports tab
Creating a new custom search

Home / your source / Reports / Custom Reports tab

Note: You can also create a custom report by clicking Save as report right from Search.

Analyzing the report execution history and making sure reports are reviewed on time and by appropriate employees

Home / your source / Reports / History tab

QUICK TIP: Don't have access to reports? You are missing required permissions. Discuss your permission set with Cygna Auditor's global administrator.