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Getting Started with
Active Directory

Set up Active Directory auditing in minutes and see Cygna Auditor in action.

Getting Started with
File System

Set up File System auditing in minutes and see Cygna Auditor in action.

Global Search

Get fluent with Global Search and explore how various search technique can facilitate security investigations.

Best Practices

Stay up to date with industry best practices and guidelines

Securing Cygna Auditor:
Delegation Best Practices

Review tips on setting an efficient and secure delegation model in Cygna Auditor.

Risk Assessment:
Creating a Remediation Plan

Learn how to assess risks and build an effective risk management plan for your organization.

Simple Steps to
Improve Active Directory Security

Read about simple yet effective ways to strengthen security in Active Directory.

Auditing 101

Learn the auditing basics

4 Basic Steps
Auditing Process Consists Of

Internal Audit is Important?

First Auditing Is Over
What Is Next?

Users Jeopardizing Security.

Security Officer's
Anti To-Do List

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