Microsoft 365

Cloud infrastructure requires as much attention as on-premises. With Cygna Auditor, you can secure your data stored in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business, trace activity in Teams, and gain transparency in your Azure AD and Exchange Online operations and permissions. Cygna Auditor helps you detect potential threats and mitigate risks of attacks to your Microsoft 365 apps.

Start Collecting Data

  1. On the Cygna Auditor home page, select Configuration and then drill down to Microsoft 365.

  2. Click to add a Microsoft 365 organization.
  3. Authorize yourself to deploy the Cygna Labs application in Microsoft 365. The user you specify must have sufficient permissions to deploy applications in Microsoft 365, i.e. be granted the Global administrator role in your Azure AD domains.

  4. Specify the polling interval. By default, 10 minutes. This value controls how often Cygna Auditor will check for updates in your Microsoft 365 apps.
  5. Ensure the Enabled column is active .
  6. Check connectivity. Click Verify to ensure Cygna Auditor has access to the required Microsoft 365 resources:


Once you configure Microsoft 365 settings, data collection will start automatically for Azure AD including sign-in monitoring, Exchange Online, and SharePoint Online.

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