Tutorial: Mastering the Global Search

This tutorial will teach you how to get the most out of collected audit data with Cygna Auditor's Global Search. It contains easy and practical tasks that will help you get fluent with Global Search techniques and create queries of different complexity.

Upon completing this tutorial, you'll become familiar with Global Search and be ready to investigate activity in your environment. If you are looking for general information about the feature, refer to Global Search.

For this tutorial, you are encouraged to perform test changes in your environment. These changes will be used demonstrate how the Global Search works and replicate a typical administration workflow in a small organization. Or you can skip the changes and just keep up with examples and images provided in this tutorial.

In this tutorial:

Task: Reviewing All Changes and Sorting

Task: Limiting Search to Specific Events

Task: Excluding Changes from Search

Tips and Tricks: Including vs Excluding

Task: Creating a Basic Search Query

Task: Getting Fluent with Match Types

Task: Mixing & Matching Search Techniques